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H&S Mini Maxx Race Tuner


Sku # : 66-109003
Manufacturer : H&S Performance
Mfg. Part # : 109003
List Price :
Our Price :
Exhaust Options
Exhaust Tips
Muffler Option
Dash Pod & Adapter
Add EGR Cooler Delete Kit
EGT Probe Kit

Product Detail
This part number does NOT include the Pyrometer Connection for reading Exhaust Gas Temperatures.

The Pyrometer connection is NOT necessary for the Black Maxx to function correctly. It is used for gauge display and for one of the defueling parameters. It will NOT harm your truck to run without a pyrometer probe installed. We do, of course, recommend purchasing one for the 6.7 Cummins and 6.6 LMM Duramax so you can monitor your Exhaust gas temperatures and set your defuel levels based on EGTs. Ford 6.4 Powerstroke trucks will use a factory sensor in the manifold to monitor EGT. Click HERE to purchase a Mini Maxx with a Pyrometer assembly.

DPF Removed Warning!

If using DPF removed tuning, this high performance product is intended SOLELY for closed-course racing use and is not street legal in ANY state. This product cannot be used on any vehicles registered or certified for highway use. Please check your local, state, and federal laws before purchasing!

We cannot and will not answer any questions about fuel mileage gains! Due to this product being designed solely for racing or offroad application, ALL H&S representatives are restricted to talk about fuel mileage. Please do NOT jeopardize their job and our company by asking about fuel mileage testing. You will NOT pass emissions testing with this product installed!!! Thank you for your cooperation.

If using DPF removed tuning, this tuner requires the use of Race Exhaust! Do not leave the DPF on the vehicle if using DPF removed tuning !!!.

2007 - 2010 Duramax 6.6 LMM

Comes preloaded with DPF Present and DPF Removed capable tuning
Allows removal of the DPF system and ALL related sensors (nothing needs to go into the race exhaust or even be plugged in)
Precisely tune engine with HP increases of 0-250HP (dependent on application, see below chart)
Approximate size: 3.5" x 2" (2" x 1.75" color screen) Black Maxx / Mini Maxx Size Comparison
Speedometer recalibration for use of non-stock size tires or gearing
Enable / Disable factory "special features". Check here for more information
Automatic safety backdown. adjustable by EGT, Boost, Trans. Temp, and Coolant Temp
Remove / Adjust top speed limiter
Allows removal of the entire EGR system including cooler with no trouble codes (6.7 Cummins, 6.4 Powerstroke, 6.0L Powerstroke)
Turn off the EGR system without removing ANY parts
Read / Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Custom Tunes are FREE to download. Click here for custom tunes
Internet updateable w/included SD Memory Card and USB Adapter. Click here for updates
Digital gauges to monitor up to 20 parameters
Custom Mounting Solutions available HERE
Allows for use of aftermarket turbo kits with no trouble codes (Only 6.7 Cummins)
Made in the USA
COMING SOON: Nitrous / Methanol Injection Menu which allows full control of Nitrous / Methanol Injection. Click here for more information

Duramax: 1. Stock 2. 60HP 3. 120HP 4. 175HP
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H&S Mini Maxx Race Tuner
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