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Welcome to Rudy's Performance Parts, the leaders in diesel AND gas performance! Rudy's Performance Parts is a full service shop with an in ground, all-wheel drive dynamometer to take care of all your diagnostic and tuning needs. Whether you're looking for a minor boost in performance or all-out drag racing and sled pulling power/torque, we've got you covered! Known for the greatest customer service, product variety and pricing in the industry, there's no question that Rudy's is your one stop shop for all of your performance needs!

Here at Rudy’s, we aren’t just salesmen… We are true performance fanatics! We’ve installed nearly every part we sell and have made it clear that we are your go-to performance specialists! From mild to wild, whether it’s a 2500+ horsepower drag truck, a road ready 4WD pickup truck with 600 horsepower, a 700 horsepower all-wheel drive Audi, or a 750 horsepower supercharged Mustang, we’ve seen it all AND done it all!

Got questions? Don't hesitate to contact one of our extremely knowledgeable customer service representatives!